Design is meant to be felt, not just seen.

We design with equal parts beauty and strategy. And we touch hearts, minds and hands through curated apparel and branded products that connect with consumers in lasting, emotional ways.


Anthem Branding Merchandise Layout

Premium Apparel | Headwear | Elevated Promotional Products | Cut & Sew Bags + Accessories

Anthem Branding Custom Merchandise
Anthem Branding 6 Panel Flat Brim Hat


Our design process is influenced by our production know-how and vice versa. This not only creates efficiencies for our clients, but also allows us to bring a particular thoughtfulness and craft to what we do.


Creating a positive brand experience through custom merchandise isn’t just about showing your logo or printing a cool design. It has to appeal to your audience, with the right blend of high quality items and the perfect decoration.

We know all about the latest production techniques and design trends, so developing merchandise that’s a fit for any audience is always easy and intuitive.

“Great branded merchandise increases
recognition, fuels advocacy, and inspires your audience. We approach every item we design and produce as an opportunity to surprise and delight your audience, and amplify the brand experience.”

Principal & Co-Founder, Anthem Branding 

Anthem Branding Custom Tshirt Label and Socks
Anthem Branding Custom Hat Design
Anthem Branding Custom Hoodie
Anthem Branding Custom Hoodies Labels and Patches


Dig into the essence and positioning of your brand.





Define creative visual directions based on strategic insights.





Conceptualize designs that authentically reflect your brand ethos and amplify your brand story.





Create tactile design in the form of beautiful brands, curated apparel and unique merchandise that resonates with your target audience.



Let's create something together.

And let’s do it on your timeline, within your budget and with some serious creative firepower.