Custom outerwear

Echoing the Avery team’s affinity for the outdoors, we created a unique and functional apparel line for the company that includes custom flannel shirts, hoodies, hats, bomber jackets, and vests. Our creative process started with selecting the clothing Avery’s employees loved to wear. We customized those pieces and infused the Avery brand, making apparel the team and fans of the brewery could enjoy.
womens flannel detail.jpg
Womens mix.jpg
Womens hoodie detail 2.jpg

"We've doubled our merchandise revenue 
since working with Anthem Branding."
- Elaine, Avery Brewing 

mens bomber jacket-test.jpg
mens vest-test.jpg

Strong Ale identity

Every year, Avery hosts Boulder’s Strong Ale Fest, which brings some of the boldest beers from around the country to one place. We created a memorable identity for the event, using our longtime experience in craft beer branding to develop a fun and eye-catching logo that was used for t-shirts, beer glasses, and other merchandise.

Strong Ale.jpg
strong ale sketch-glass.jpg
strong ale 4.jpg
strong ale 1.jpg

A new Avery beer

We pulled together our marketing, merchandising, design, and custom apparel experience to create a campaign for the release of Avery’s new Liliko'i Kepolo, a Belgian-style white infused with passion fruit. We drew from the beer’s tropical-island inspiration to create custom, brightly colored hoodies, beach towels, Hawaiian shirts, and visors. Our collaborative effort built awareness and excitement for the new creation.

lilikoi graphic.jpg
Lilikoi Collage_1600 x 800.jpg
Lilikoi Collage_1600 x 800-3.jpg