Custom Hoodies

Create a powerful tactile experience

Every piece of branded apparel, such as custom hoodies, is an opportunity for your audience to emotionally connect with the ethos of your brand.

Set your company apart with custom-made premium cut-and-sew hoodies, designed with surprise and delight details that make the piece truly memorable.



Total customization at its finest

Craft custom hoodies that echo your brand throughout each and every stitch. When it comes to custom merchandise, you don't want run-of-the-mill items that you can find anywhere else. 

Your brand is unique, so are your customers and employees — represent that uniqueness in everything that you bring into the brand. With custom hoodies, you'll be anything but basic.

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Anthem Branding Unisex Raglan Pullover

“Go custom. Details matter, people want to know it wasn’t just ‘off-the-shelf’ and are more eager to use/wear something that not everyone has.”

Brand Marketing Manager, Audi Flatirons

“The quality and customization of the hoodie set them apart from any other merchandise that we’ve done in the past. We sold out of our hoodies in a matter of days.”

Owner, Get Fit Modesto

Anthem Branding Set In Zipper Custom Hoodie Embroidery Detail
Unisex Raglan Zipper Hoodie by Anthem Branding
Anthem Branding Discovery Illustration



Research and exploration are the foundation for our work. Your brand history and vision for the future inspire us, and checking out your competition means we’ll make something truly unique.



Creative Team Boulder



Mood boards, sketches, and digital composites lead us from ideas to concrete design. Thoughtful details and innovative decorations add unique layers to branded items.



Anthem Branding Custom T Shirts and Hats



All of our custom pieces are checked for quality, and the final product is ready to share with future brand evangelists.